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Loren E. (Age 55)


I have been working out off and on for virtually all of my life. In my mind I should still be as fit as when I was a 25 year old and ran thousands of miles a year. That is hard to do at 55 years of age, we all know what it is like to juggle family, work and all the other parts of our lives. The last thing I find time to do today is exercise. Exercising on my own lately almost become futile. I end my day with “I will do it tomorrow.” I have been working out with Jeremy since before BeFIT, but over the past few months I have learned to take advantage of many of the programs available at BeFIT. I see Jeremy for personal training weekly, and attend the evening workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I feel my strength and endurance has really improved, along with the perk of the tire around my belly beginning to go away. I guess my goal with BeFIT is to feel good about myself and enjoy what I am doing. The programs that I participate in make it easy and actually fun to exercise. Jeremy, Justin and Dom are not only great trainers, but really make it easy to keep going back.