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In Home Training

The same experience as in our Studio, but in the privacy of your own home. One of our nationally certified, experienced and motivating personal fitness trainers will design an exercise program for you to specifically meet your individual goal. Health history, prior injuries and any limitations are addressed during the program design.

Programs typically include full body strength training to increase metabolism and toning, core stability and balance training, stretching for flexibility and any post-rehab exercises that may be advisable.

Our personal fitness trainers customize your workouts around your goals. As your body changes and adapts, the program intensifies to keep you challenged. Your trainer will even offer you tips, workouts and nutritional guidance for your off days.

One of the secrets to sticking with an exercise program and seeing results is having a coach who can provide you with motivation, accountability and personal instruction. We work together to be sure that each step is comfortable, progressive and safe. With an open communication policy we hope to always cater to your needs and wants without losing focus of your goals. With the right fitness plan and the right personal fitness trainer you’ll exceed your own expectations.


in Home One On One 

  • (1) –   one hour session:  $120
  • (10) – one hour sessions: $115/session
  • (30) – one hour sessions: $110/session
  • (50) – one hour sessions: $100/session
  • (100+) – one hour sessions: $95/session
  • (1) –  half hour session:  $80
  • (10) – half hour sessions: $75/session
  • (30) – half hour sessions: $70/session
  • (50) – half hour sessions: $65/session
  • (100+) – half hour sessions: $60/session






in Home Two On One – 1 Hour (price is per couple)

  • (1) –   one hour session:  $145
  • (10) – one hour sessions: $140/session
  • (30) – one hour sessions: $135/session
  • (50) – one hour sessions: $130/session
  • (100+) – one hour sessions: $120/session
  • (1) –  half hour session:  $105
  • (10) – half hour sessions: $100/session
  • (30) – half hour sessions: $95/session
  • (50) – half hour sessions: $90/session
  • (100+) – half hour sessions: $80/session