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Fit Over 55

The vast majority of adults in middle age find that staying in shape is not as easy as it used to be. Over the years, we often develop a variety of problems such as arthritis, as well as back, neck, knee, hip and foot issues that set us back in our ability to stay fit.

As we age our bodies become tighter and less flexible. If we’re not careful in our own exercise routines we may set ourselves up for further injury. From core and balance to lower and upper body workouts Our BeFIT personal trainers can develop a program to help you safely achieve your best possible level of fitness. A mix of stretching, light cardio and resistance training will make you feel energized.

View the top reasons below to get active:

  • Exercise protects joint degeneration by keeping cartilage healthy and strengthening muscles. In addition, activities that improve flexibility, aid in relieving stiffness by improving the joint’s range of motion.
  • Strengthen your immunity. Those who exercise regularly tend to be sick less often than those who are inactive. Research has shown that exercise stimulates an increase in natural killer cells and white blood cells, both of which help fight infection.
  • If you are stressed: exercise has been shown to improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure and reduce stress.
  • Releases endorphins and hormones which can help improve mood.
  • Exercise improves the quality of sleep, enabling you to have more energy during the day.
  • Decrease your risk of metabolic syndrome by participating in at least 20–30 minutes of exercise most days of the week.


One On One 

  • (1) –   one hour session:  $75
  • (10) – one hour sessions: $70/session
  • (30) – one hour sessions: $65/session
  • (50) – one hour sessions: $60/session
  • (100+) – one hour sessions: $55/session
  • (1) –  half hour session:  $55
  • (10) – half hour sessions: $50/session
  • (30) – half hour sessions: $45/session
  • (50) – half hour sessions: $40/session
  • (100+) – half hour sessions: $35/session






Two On One

  • (1) –   one hour session:  $95
  • (10) – one hour sessions: $90/session
  • (30) – one hour sessions: $85/session
  • (50) – one hour sessions: $80/session
  • (100+) – one hour sessions: $75/session
  • (1) –  half hour session:  $75
  • (10) – half hour sessions: $70/session
  • (30) – half hour sessions: $65/session
  • (50) – half hour sessions: $60/session
  • (100+) – half hour sessions: $55/session