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Partner Training

Gain all the benefits of using a personal trainer while reducing the cost by working out with a friend, family member, or spouse. You can bond with your significant other, daughter, son or friend while you get in shape together under the guidance of a professional fitness trainer. Functional training, core stabilization exercises, and stretching are twice the fun when you share it with someone special.

An individual program will be designed for each participant based on his/her fitness goals, prior injuries and/or health considerations. The personal trainer you and your partner work with will progress each of you at your own pace so that couples with different goals will be challenged appropriately during their training sessions.

Unlike fitness classes, the partner training sessions are private with the group limited to 2 individuals. You can start your own group with family, friends, co-workers, etc. It is recommended you have some fitness training experience or have a similar fitness levels to be part of partner training program. Beginners should consider one-on-one personal training  before doing partner personal training.


  • (1) –   one hour session:  $120
  • (10) – one hour sessions: $110/session
  • (30) – one hour sessions: $100session
  • (50) – one hour sessions: $95/session
  • (100+) – one hour sessions: $90/session
  • (1) –  half hour session:  $85
  • (10) – half hour sessions: $80/session
  • (30) – half hour sessions: $75/session
  • (50) – half hour sessions: $70/session
  • (100+) – half hour sessions: $65/session