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Justin “FLEX” H. (Age 17)

Throughout my life, fitness has been a huge part of my life. For example, my dad is a big marathon runner who works really hard to train and reach his goals. And my mom is a master nutritionist who watches our family’s nutrition. They both have inspired me to be fit and physically active. I’ve played baseball and basketball since I was five and have always had an interest in sports. The past few summers I challenged myself to see how physically capable I can be and attended a camp in Minnesota where I canoed and camped out for two weeks in the Canadian backwaters of the Quetico. With the help of Jeremy and Justin, I worked hard to be physically fit for that trip. Learning from that experience, I can honestly say I can do anything I set my mind to. This year I’ve been looking at where to go to college. My dream is to attend the University of Florida, because I love the Florida Gators and both of my parents went there. I work hard at my classes at Seminole High School to get good grades. A big hobby I love to do is travel to great places. I’ve been to ten countries and plan to go to more. Seeing these different countries makes me understand the cultures there are around the world. While working out at BeFIT I have lost 20 lbs of body fat and increased my muscle mass. Because of that, Jeremy and Justin nicknamed me “FLEX” because every time I am at the gym I love to flex my muscles. I plan to continue to work hard and stay physically fit all my life.