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Health & Wellness Tip of the Week 8/27-9/2/2012

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Portion Control


When you are trying to eat healthy, it is essential to keep track of how much food you are actually eating. Knowing correct portion sizes is just as important as knowing how many portions to eat. Here are some easy comparisons to help you figure out how many servings are actually on your plate. The list below matches standard SINGLE portion sizes with an easy way to visualize its real size.

A Single Serving Is About the Size of…
1 Medium Orange or Apple Tennis Ball
1/2 Grapefruit Car Headlight
1/4 Cup Dried Fruit Large Egg
1 Cup Green Salad Adult Fist
1/2 Cup of Vegetables Billiard Ball
Small Baked Potato Computer Mouse
One Cup of Cooked Pasta Baseball
Two Tablespoons Peanut Butter Ping Pong Ball
One Pancake Compact Disc
3 Ounces of Meat Deck of Cards
3 Ounces of Fish Checkbook
1 Teaspoon of Oil Thumb Tip
1½ Ounces of Cheese 3 Dice
1 Slice of Bread Cassette Tape
1/2 Cup of Ice Cream Light Bulb
1 Brownie Dental Floss Package