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Try this fun Halloween Themed Workout!

- Posted in Health & Wellness Tips

Halloween is fast approaching and the inevitable treat will soon be testing the strongest of wills. So what can you do in the event you just couldn’t resist a bite of these sugary treats? Try this Halloween themed workout designed to get your heart pumping and burn off any unnecessary calories.

All you need is a small pumpkin in the 5lb-8lb range.  *If you are just beginning a workout regimen or have any health concerns, please obtain clearance from your physician before starting an exercise program.

This circuit can be completed using a work/rest time split of 50sec/10sec (advanced), 40sec/20sec (intermediate), or 30sec/30sec (beginner). On exercises focusing on one side of the body, switch sides at the half-way point.  Complete 2-3 rounds with a 1-2 min rest between circuits.

Warm-Up: five minutes

Walk or march in place at a moderate pace with your shoulders back and your spine fully erect to increase your heart rate and prepare your muscles for the workout.

Pumpkin Circuit

Diagonal Pumpkin Chop

Stand with feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart, holding the pumpkin with both hands, with your palms facing in. Extend arms so the pumpkin is to outside of right hip. Squat, and then swing the pumpkin up and across body in a diagonal, arcing motion, as you stand back up, finishing movement with the pumpkin over and to left of left shoulder, arms fully extended.  Immediately squat back down, swinging the pumpkin to the outside of right hip.

Pumpkin Overhead Extension

Hold your pumpkin between both hands and stand tall with your back straight, shoulders relaxed, abs engaged, legs straight, and feet placed hip-width apart. Extend your arms straight overhead, holding the pumpkin above your head.  Keeping your upper arms close to the sides of your head, bend your elbows approximately 90 degrees to lower the pumpkin toward your back. Slowly straighten the elbows to return to the starting position and complete one rep. 

Forward Lunge with Pumpkin Curl

Grasp the pumpkin between your hands chest high so that your thumbs are pointing back at your chest.  Step forward with your left foot, and bend both knees to lower your body until your right knee is bent at least 90 degrees. At the same time, rotate your upper body and extend your arms until the pumpkin passes over the outside of your left knee, and then return to standing position. Repeat always starting with the opposite leg.


Modification: Beginner – Keep the pumpkin chest high without extending the arms and only rotate your torso in the direction of the forward leg.

The Rise of the Great Pumpkin Sit Ups

Sit on the ground while holding pumpkin on your chest.  Lift your head, shoulders and back off the ground and extend pumpkin out towards the sky and release slowly to starting position.

Modification: Advanced – Complete a full sit up while extending your arms over your head


Pumpkin push up

Place one hand on the floor and one hand on your pumpkin so they’re slightly outside shoulder-width. Rise up onto your toes so that all of your body weight is on your hands and your feet. Contract your abdominals to keep your torso in a straight line and prevent arching your back or pointing your bottom in the air. Bend your elbows and lower your chest down toward the floor. Once your elbows bend slightly beyond 90 degrees, push off the floor and extend them so that you return to starting position.

Modification: Beginner – Complete pushups with your knees are on the floor. Advanced – Roll the pumpkin to the opposite hand in between reps.

Pumpkin Squat to Press

Stand with feet just beyond shoulder-width apart.  Grab the pumpkin with both hands so that your thumbs are pointing at your chest. This is the starting position. Begin exercise by dropping your hips back and bending at your knees until your thighs are at least parallel to the ground. Come up out of the squat while simultaneously pushing the Pumpkin up above your head. End with your arms above your head and legs straight with a slight bend in your knees.